Over the weekend, I noticed some flowers growing in my backyard, so I decided to take some pictures of them. At first i started out with the ISO at 100.


Then I decided to play with the ISO and changed it to 400.


Then I decided to take some pictures of some leaves, I started with the shutter speed at 1/160.


Then changed it to 1/200.

After reading this pageĀ about ISO, I found something that I really need to work on, “Also keep in mind that if you change ISO that you will need to get in the habit of checking what setting is selected at the start of every photo shoot.” I noticed that I always forget to change my settings back or adjust them as I go. I also realized that I don’t like having to use a higher ISO, because it is more sensitive to light, therefore there will be more noise in the photo, which I’m not a fan of. Some people like having noise or grain in their photos, but i just find it annoying ad hard to work with.