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November 2015

Thanksgiving Break

This Thanksgiving break, I didn’t really do anything special, I mainly hung out with some friends. On Thanksgiving, it was just my parents and I, and we just ate all day and decorated the Christmas tree. 1

2The two photos above were taken while my family was decorating the tree. 3I wanted to take a picture of an ornament, so I had to use the flash, because there wasn’t enough light. The only bad thing about using the flash, was that it would leave a shadow on the bottom of the ornament, which I tried to crop out. 54The two photos above are of the food, I don’t eat turkey, so I took pictures of my parents food. I didn’t realize the tinsel in the photo, so I tried to crop out as much as I could. 6The last photo is of Gabi, who I spent most of my Thanksgiving break with. All we did was lay in bed and watch Netflix for the majority of the break.


DIY Light Tent

For the DIY Light Tent, I looked on this website to find out how to do it. IMG_5161

These were my materials that I used for the light tent.IMG_5162

Next, I cut squares on each side of the box and cut off the flap parts. IMG_5164

Then I covered all the openings with white paper.


This was the final with the product in there and my dad holding the flash over the box.


My paper wasn’t big enough to cover the holes in the box with one piece, so in some places I had to layer it which is shown in the photos.

Peter Hurley Headshots

At home, we watched the Peter Hurley video which is how I found out how to do the famous headshot.Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 8.41.41 AMWhen I was taking the head shot of Jared, he started doing random poses and this pose reminded me of recent makeup ads with corny quotes. I decided to make his head shot into a Maybelline ad and I based it off the top photo.

J copy

Then of course, I did normal head shots, which originally turned out really purple. In photoshop, I adjusted the temperature and tint. Then I adjusted the color balance to make it less red. Finally, I adjusted the levels, to make it a little brighter. The photo below is Jared just looking normally at the camera.IMG_8440

While the photo below this is Jared doing “the squinch”. Peter Hurley also said to make the eyes look more even, you should have the model tilt their head. He also said to put the forehead out. IMG_8450

If I decided not to adjust the color balance and levels, then the photo below is how it would turn out.IMG_8454


I also took pictures of Twitchell. I just adjusted the colors in photoshop, so there was less red.

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