At home, we watched the Peter Hurley video which is how I found out how to do the famous headshot.Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 8.41.41 AMWhen I was taking the head shot of Jared, he started doing random poses and this pose reminded me of recent makeup ads with corny quotes. I decided to make his head shot into a Maybelline ad and I based it off the top photo.

J copy

Then of course, I did normal head shots, which originally turned out really purple. In photoshop, I adjusted the temperature and tint. Then I adjusted the color balance to make it less red. Finally, I adjusted the levels, to make it a little brighter. The photo below is Jared just looking normally at the camera.IMG_8440

While the photo below this is Jared doing “the squinch”. Peter Hurley also said to make the eyes look more even, you should have the model tilt their head. He also said to put the forehead out. IMG_8450

If I decided not to adjust the color balance and levels, then the photo below is how it would turn out.IMG_8454


I also took pictures of Twitchell. I just adjusted the colors in photoshop, so there was less red.