This Thanksgiving break, I didn’t really do anything special, I mainly hung out with some friends. On Thanksgiving, it was just my parents and I, and we just ate all day and decorated the Christmas tree. 1

2The two photos above were taken while my family was decorating the tree. 3I wanted to take a picture of an ornament, so I had to use the flash, because there wasn’t enough light. The only bad thing about using the flash, was that it would leave a shadow on the bottom of the ornament, which I tried to crop out. 54The two photos above are of the food, I don’t eat turkey, so I took pictures of my parents food. I didn’t realize the tinsel in the photo, so I tried to crop out as much as I could. 6The last photo is of Gabi, who I spent most of my Thanksgiving break with. All we did was lay in bed and watch Netflix for the majority of the break.