My friend and I drove around Hayden lake during sunset, because I wanted to see how the pictures would turn out during this time of day.

For all the photos, I had my aperture at f/2.8 and ISO at 400. I used this website to learn some tips for HDR photography. hdr1I really like how vibrant the colors are in the photo above. I’m happy you can actually see the green in the trees, instead of them being black like the typical sunset photos. hdr2My favorite out of the two photos above is the first one, because of the red in the sky and the trees. The second one also has some weird white/highlighted spots around the trees, which is kind of weird. hdr3I like the photo above, but i don’t like how there is a random highlighted spot in the middle of the snow.

After reading about how to retouch photos in the Photoshop World workbook, I decided to try it out. The photo below is the original, without any retouching done. IMG_48251

IMG_4825This was my first time doing this and it actually turned out pretty good in my opinion.