Once again, I drove around Hayden lake for this assignment. I love driving around the lake for nature pictures, because of all the trees. All the photos originally turned out really blue, which I tried to fix in photoshop. These photos remind me of the Leading Lines assignment we did in Photography 1.

1IMG_5396The photo above was originally really blue, I kind of like it with the pink/red undertone it has now. I really like how dark the trees are, because it creates a good contrast with the snow.2IMG_5378I love the fog towards the tops of trees, it makes the picture better in my opinion. The photo was originally really dark, which I tried to fix in photoshop. I like how green the trees are, but the snow is a little too bright in my opinion. I also sharpened the image, to get more detail in the trees.3IMG_5385This photo is my favorite out of these three. I love all the trees and the contrast between the trees and snow. I also love how the road just curves off. Although the snow is still a little too bright.