All EarsAllEarsFor this photo, I did “I’m all ears”. I took a picture of her and a picture of her ear, then put multiple ears all over her face.

Piece of CakePieceOfCakeThe second one I did was “It’s a piece of cake”. We happened to have cake at the time, so it was perfect.

Thinking CapPutOnYourThinkingCapThen I did “Put on your thinking cap”. I took a picture of her in her hat for work, then clone stamped the logo off of it. Lastly, I typed thinking across the hat.

Zip Your LipsZipYourLipsNext I did “Zip your lips”. She had a zipper for special effects makeup, so she just put it across her mouth.

Chip on Your ShoulderChipOnYourShoulderThen I did “Chip on your shoulder”. So we literally put a chip on her shoulder.

Cut the MustardCutTheMustardLast I did “Cut the mustard”. We just put some mustard on the counter, then “cut” it with a knife.