For this assignment, we had to drop an object into a tank full of water and try to capture the moment the object hit the water. In order to do this we had to have a long exposure, so we could get the water reacting the object hitting it. I used this website to help me out with this assignment.

For all the images, I adjusted the levels and color balance accordingly. I also sharpened the image, which I really like how it turned out.

2The photo above is my favorite, because you can see all the water and the object. I had Kylee drop an EOS into the water while I was at eye level with the tank. I like how you can see the ripples from the water and the splash the EOS made. I just wish I cleaned the tank off more often so there were less water spots on the side of it. 1I like the photo above, but it’s not my favorite. The like the way the water is splashing, but the EOS is already so low and almost out of the picture. Although I don’t like how the left side of the photo is so dark compared to the right. I also don’t like how there’s a reflection from a computer screen on the water tank. 3This photo is a close second to my favorite. I really like how the water splashed up and you can see more ripples in the water in this one. I also like how you can see the little bubbles from the ninja turtle toy, which luckily faced the camera. Once again, I wished I cleaned the sides of the tank more often for less water spots.