For this assignment, I used this website for some tips to help me out. We went downtown at night to take some photos, because I really like the ones under street lights. We walked down between some buildings to find random doorways with lights on. All of the photos are set at the same aperture and ISO. The aperture was f/8 and the ISO was at the highest, which was 3200. 1For the photo above, the shutter speed was set at 1/10. I usually don’t like noise on my photos, but for this assignment I think it actually looks kind of good. I like how everything is a neutral color, except for her hat. The red hat is what catches my eye as soon as I look at the photo. 3The shutter speed for this photo was set at 1/30. I like this photo because of the noise in the background and it just gives off a mysterious vibe. Once again the main focus is on the hat which I like. I just really like the photos in the doorways, I think it’s a perfect example of film noir2The last photo is my least favorite out of these three, just because it’s almost completely black. The shutter speed was set at 1/10.