This was my spring break inspiration^

My spring break consisted of doing nothing but working and then a spontaneous trip to California for a funeral for my grandmother and a memorial service for my other grandmother. Because of this unexpected trip, I forgot to bring my camera but I did take photos on the plane with my phone.

The photo below was the only decent one I got on the way to California. This was when we were flying over the bay area, right before we landed in Oakland. I wish it was better quality, but I do love all the city lights and the water for some contrast. 1IMG_9450This photo was taken at a golf course that my dad used to work at and go to a lot when he was my age. I thought it was so beautiful with all the trees and the clouds. I did adjust the colors a little bit, but it was already naturally so green and beautiful. 1IMG_9483The next three photos below were taken on the flight back. The first one below is my favorite, because everything was so perfect. The sunlight wasn’t too bright and the oranges and pinks make the sky so beautiful. I also love how the bridge is in the photo. 1IMG_9503I really like the clouds in this one. The colors are also really vibrant, but the sun is too bright.1IMG_9515The photo below is a close second to my favorite, because the colors are so intense, the lake, and the clouds surrounding the lake. The clouds were in the perfect position in this photo. 1IMG_9525The last couple of photos were taken on the last day of spring break, which I spent hiking with Kylee and Gabi. This was taken on Canfield when we got back up to the main trails.1IMG_9556I wanted to take a panorama and Gabi jumped in, which surprisingly turned out good. Usually when people get in panoramas, they don’t work so well because of movement.1IMG_9557I really like the photo below, because the sun is shining through the trees and there’s a sunspot. I also like how the trees and trail aren’t completely black and are still visible. 1IMG_9572I don’t think the photo below is the best, I just love the orange and blue sky coming through the trees.1IMG_9550The last photo was taken on the drive back from the hike and on our way to Taco Bell. Once again I love all the colors in it. I do like in this photo how the trees are like a silhouette.1IMG_95741IMG_9577The two photos above are pretty similar, but I like the last one better because there are more trees. I know there are a lot of sunset photos, but it was such a pretty sunset.