The photo below is the original with some color balancing and leveling out the light, but the next 3 have different textures applied over them.1IMG_9945The photo below just has a pink tint to it, which I kind of like.2Untitled-1The photo below had a “bubble” texture applied to it, and it reminds me of the movie Chicken Little when the sky is breaking apart. This is what I imagine it would look like if aliens were invading.3IMG_9945The photo below had a tie dye texture applied and I actually kind of like it. The only part I don’t like very much is that the trees are black and white, so it looks like one of those photos that everyone does by taking out the color of the main subject.4IMG_9945The photo below is the original, with color balancing and leveling the light once again. The next photo after has a tie dye texture applied to it, which I really like the purple in it. The only thing I don’t like is again the black and white trees. IMG_9948.JPG5IMG_9948IMG_9955.JPG7IMG_99556IMG_9955