I put together 6 of my best/favorite photos for my portfolio below. For the two photos with people in them, I did do a little retouching to their skin and things like that in photoshop. I adjusted the levels and color balance in photoshop for all of them. The one of the girl holding the Pringles can is my favorite portrait I’ve taken this year. I spent the most time editing or retouching that one and I think it turned out pretty well. I also really like the photo taken out of the airplane window with the bridge under it, because the sun is perfectly shining on the water.

Peter Hurley:

For this headshot I obviously went through and adjusted the levels and color balance in photoshop. I also did some retouching. I went through and smoothed out the skin and evened out the skin tone. I also retouched any imperfections and brightened the face up a little. I did little things like whitening the whites of the eyes and fixing any stray hairs.



I chose to do the theme nature for my final, because I would much rather take photos of nature than people. For each photo I went through and adjusted the levels, color balance, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, and all that. I also sharpened each image.

For the photo below, I also lightened the flower itself, just to make more contrast. I went through and clone stamped any random spots on the flower that weren’t white, just to get rid of any imperfections on it. I really love how much the flower stands out compared to the background.


I think the only reason I like the photo below so much is because of the web across the plant. I also really like how the sun is reflecting off the plant and web. I love the bright pop of color that the plant brings to contrast from the background. 2

The photo below is actually one of my favorites. Once again, I love the contrast the leaf brings to all the brown/grey sticks surrounding it. The focus is completely on the leaf and the image is really sharp.


The photo below is my second favorite out of these. I love this photo because the individual leaves on the plant are so sharp and defined. I also really like how the sun is once again shining off of the plant. Once again I love the contrast the green of the plant compared to the background brings to the photo. 5

The last photo is definitely my favorite out of all the ones I took. I love the colors on the plant, the reds and whites are so pretty especially compared to the bright green background. The photo turned out so sharp and clear, each part of the plant is so defined. I just really love the photo, because the focus is so clear and the plant stands out so much. 6