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I put together 6 of my best/favorite photos for my portfolio below. For the two photos with people in them, I did do a little retouching to their skin and things like that in photoshop. I adjusted the levels and color balance in photoshop for all of them. The one of the girl holding the Pringles can is my favorite portrait I’ve taken this year. I spent the most time editing or retouching that one and I think it turned out pretty well. I also really like the photo taken out of the airplane window with the bridge under it, because the sun is perfectly shining on the water.

Peter Hurley:

For this headshot I obviously went through and adjusted the levels and color balance in photoshop. I also did some retouching. I went through and smoothed out the skin and evened out the skin tone. I also retouched any imperfections and brightened the face up a little. I did little things like whitening the whites of the eyes and fixing any stray hairs.



I chose to do the theme nature for my final, because I would much rather take photos of nature than people. For each photo I went through and adjusted the levels, color balance, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, and all that. I also sharpened each image.

For the photo below, I also lightened the flower itself, just to make more contrast. I went through and clone stamped any random spots on the flower that weren’t white, just to get rid of any imperfections on it. I really love how much the flower stands out compared to the background.


I think the only reason I like the photo below so much is because of the web across the plant. I also really like how the sun is reflecting off the plant and web. I love the bright pop of color that the plant brings to contrast from the background. 2

The photo below is actually one of my favorites. Once again, I love the contrast the leaf brings to all the brown/grey sticks surrounding it. The focus is completely on the leaf and the image is really sharp.


The photo below is my second favorite out of these. I love this photo because the individual leaves on the plant are so sharp and defined. I also really like how the sun is once again shining off of the plant. Once again I love the contrast the green of the plant compared to the background brings to the photo. 5

The last photo is definitely my favorite out of all the ones I took. I love the colors on the plant, the reds and whites are so pretty especially compared to the bright green background. The photo turned out so sharp and clear, each part of the plant is so defined. I just really love the photo, because the focus is so clear and the plant stands out so much. 6


Landscape Portraits

For the landscape portraits the photos below were the best ones. I sharpened each image, evened out the colors, and levels. The first photo below was set at f/6.3, 1/100, and the ISO was at 100. On this photo I also whitened her teeth and smoothed out her skin.31The last one with the Pringles can is my favorite. I like this one the best, because it has the most even lighting and I spent the most time retouching it. I evened out her skin color, darkened her contour on her makeup, lightened her highlight. I also fixed her nail polish, lip color, and filled in spots between her false eyelashes and real ones. 2

Redoing Classic Paintings

For this assignment, I recreated the famous painting The Scream by Edvard Munch.original.jpgThe photo below is the original one I took. We went downtown by the docks to make the background of the photo somewhat similar. screamscream copy

Free Choice

The photo below is the original with some color balancing and leveling out the light, but the next 3 have different textures applied over them.1IMG_9945The photo below just has a pink tint to it, which I kind of like.2Untitled-1The photo below had a “bubble” texture applied to it, and it reminds me of the movie Chicken Little when the sky is breaking apart. This is what I imagine it would look like if aliens were invading.3IMG_9945The photo below had a tie dye texture applied and I actually kind of like it. The only part I don’t like very much is that the trees are black and white, so it looks like one of those photos that everyone does by taking out the color of the main subject.4IMG_9945The photo below is the original, with color balancing and leveling the light once again. The next photo after has a tie dye texture applied to it, which I really like the purple in it. The only thing I don’t like is again the black and white trees. IMG_9948.JPG5IMG_9948IMG_9955.JPG7IMG_99556IMG_9955

Color – Green


Spring Break


This was my spring break inspiration^

My spring break consisted of doing nothing but working and then a spontaneous trip to California for a funeral for my grandmother and a memorial service for my other grandmother. Because of this unexpected trip, I forgot to bring my camera but I did take photos on the plane with my phone.

The photo below was the only decent one I got on the way to California. This was when we were flying over the bay area, right before we landed in Oakland. I wish it was better quality, but I do love all the city lights and the water for some contrast. 1IMG_9450This photo was taken at a golf course that my dad used to work at and go to a lot when he was my age. I thought it was so beautiful with all the trees and the clouds. I did adjust the colors a little bit, but it was already naturally so green and beautiful. 1IMG_9483The next three photos below were taken on the flight back. The first one below is my favorite, because everything was so perfect. The sunlight wasn’t too bright and the oranges and pinks make the sky so beautiful. I also love how the bridge is in the photo. 1IMG_9503I really like the clouds in this one. The colors are also really vibrant, but the sun is too bright.1IMG_9515The photo below is a close second to my favorite, because the colors are so intense, the lake, and the clouds surrounding the lake. The clouds were in the perfect position in this photo. 1IMG_9525The last couple of photos were taken on the last day of spring break, which I spent hiking with Kylee and Gabi. This was taken on Canfield when we got back up to the main trails.1IMG_9556I wanted to take a panorama and Gabi jumped in, which surprisingly turned out good. Usually when people get in panoramas, they don’t work so well because of movement.1IMG_9557I really like the photo below, because the sun is shining through the trees and there’s a sunspot. I also like how the trees and trail aren’t completely black and are still visible. 1IMG_9572I don’t think the photo below is the best, I just love the orange and blue sky coming through the trees.1IMG_9550The last photo was taken on the drive back from the hike and on our way to Taco Bell. Once again I love all the colors in it. I do like in this photo how the trees are like a silhouette.1IMG_95741IMG_9577The two photos above are pretty similar, but I like the last one better because there are more trees. I know there are a lot of sunset photos, but it was such a pretty sunset.

Flash vs. No Flash

I used this website to help me learn more about the flash vs no flash photography. The first photo was obviously taken without flash, the photo on the left was with the studio light kit that was given to us. I adjusted the levels and color balance on each photo and the settings were the same. The aperture was at f/6.3, the shutter speed was at 1/100, and the ISO was set at 100. The flash photo is definitely better, but I wish the flash was on a lower setting to make the light more even throughout the photo.

Film Noir

For this assignment, I used this website for some tips to help me out. We went downtown at night to take some photos, because I really like the ones under street lights. We walked down between some buildings to find random doorways with lights on. All of the photos are set at the same aperture and ISO. The aperture was f/8 and the ISO was at the highest, which was 3200. 1For the photo above, the shutter speed was set at 1/10. I usually don’t like noise on my photos, but for this assignment I think it actually looks kind of good. I like how everything is a neutral color, except for her hat. The red hat is what catches my eye as soon as I look at the photo. 3The shutter speed for this photo was set at 1/30. I like this photo because of the noise in the background and it just gives off a mysterious vibe. Once again the main focus is on the hat which I like. I just really like the photos in the doorways, I think it’s a perfect example of film noir2The last photo is my least favorite out of these three, just because it’s almost completely black. The shutter speed was set at 1/10.

Bunny Illustrator


This assignment helped me realize that I don’t like illustrator and it’s very frustrating. My bunny definitely didn’t turn out the same as the one in the workbook. I had a couple problems that I couldn’t figure out even after googling it. The gradient on the mouth wouldn’t work no matter what I did and I couldn’t get the black outline on all the shapes to go away either. Besides the couple of things that I had problems with, I think I did a pretty decent job for my first time using illustrator.

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